24 Hour Baby Quilt

Sewing, Quilting or Knitting for babies is fun and enjoyable, made even more so when said baby is not your own. Baby quilts are wonderful. I really love when they are bright and cheery and 100% machine washable. I have been, as you know on a teacher-tote theme recently. When I found out that Jack's teacher is going to be having her second baby (due the day school is out for the summer) I knew I wanted to make her something. Having already planned the teacher tote, I was thinking of a knitted baby item to go into the tote. Then someone suggested I make a baby quilt to match the tote. BRILLIANT! Why didn't I think of that?

This is the design I used. It is a cute little one patch with a bright and cheery focus fabric. This picture doesn't do the cute little animals in their sailboats justice. I threw in the chalkboard alphabet,(black corner blocks) to correspond with the tote which I have yet to make. I love the bright colors. The large scale blocks and wide border made sewing up this quilt a breeze.

I really wanted to do some type of juvenile quilting but couldn't decide on a pattern that would also work on the teacher tote. Then I realized I had an alphabet pantograph. I traditionally stay away from pantographs but this one just fit the bill. (Warning. Pantograph rant possible in next post. )

I even quilted in the year and added this little label to finish it off.

From start on Friday to the end of the soccer game on Saturday this quilt took me a little over 24 hours to complete. I may just have to make another to have ready to give to the next pregnant teacher. Off to sew up the tote to match this little cutie!

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