{Post } Christmas round-up

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Well, it has been a long time since I blogged.  Wow!  I wanted to share a few of the handmade Christmas presents I whipped up.  Most of them at the last minute!  Why do I always commit myself to these projects with one week to go?  All I know is that I did not start packing for our trip to Ohio until 6pm the night before.  And that was when my DH stepped into my quilting space and exclaimed, "Okay, now you have to stop!"  Gee, some people.

First thing I want to show off is this adorable little apron and chefs hat I made for my 2 y.o. nephew.  His parents love to cook and I am told he is quite the chef in his little kitchen.

 I took this from 2 separate patterns and added my own little spin.  The chefs hat was from www.stardustshoes.blogspot.com.  The hat is adjustable which is good for growing little ones.
I liked the apron that was also designed by stardustshoes and was paired with the chefs because it was reversible and oh, to cute.  There was just one thing that kept me from making it...it needed to be tied by a grown-up.  Well if you have ever been with a two year old you will know that cooperation is not their strong suit. Using the pattern from www.sewliberated.com which is slightly smaller, and the pattern from startdustshoes I came up with this cute mix.
The apron has a pocket for carrying treasures, an elastic strap for pulling over his head and a Velcro tab at the waist for the all important, "I do it my self." 2 year old.

This little cutie also got a wonderfully warm and cuddly fair isle sweater from his favorite Aunt.  I knit up this sweater from Cottage Creations pattern The Big Sven Sveater. Although the picture is a bit fuzzy, I think you can tell it fits well! I am sure his hat and leg warmers are also hand knit, he is lucky that way.. Now I just need a picture of him wearing his hat and apron.  (Hint. Hint.)

Here are the three Hexi-stockings all hung in a row.  Don't they look pretty?

As I stated before the week we were getting ready to leave on Christmas Vacation I decided to "whip-up" 5 insulated casserole carriers. (Yes I said 5) Oh yea and I decided to try glass etching the sides to all of the casserole dishes as well.  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of them all together.  I managed to snag a few of this last carrier before it was shipped off.  I used the pattern that can be found here at twolittlehooligans  It is simple pattern with great instructions and rather quick too!  I mean if your not trying to make 5 in one week.

While I was out at the fabric store picking up a little extra Christmas fabric I stumbled upon an adorable polar fleece.  I decided right then and there that I was also going to sew up some polar fleece goodies for my little nieces.  Don't worry this was the week before the 5 casserole carrier decision.  Plenty of time left..

I stitched up this little snow bunting for my niece who will be arriving one chilly February day. This is a Butterick pattern # 5091  . I think I have used this pattern at least 8 or nine times.  It's quick and easy and I love it! She will be warm and snugly when she comes home in this cute little bunting.  

Lastly, I sewed this little polar fleece dress for my 18 month old niece.  Here I used McCall's Pattern #9532 sewn for size 1. Matching polar fleece cousins.  Too CUTE! Emma and I picked up a long sleeve shirt and some lavender tights at Gymboree for an Adorable little outfit.

Here she is at our Christmas gathering.  Isn't she precious.

My New Year's resolution is to have all of my Christmas presents for this year made before December.  With a little planning and a lot of patience I should be able to accomplish that.  I'll let you know how that goes. LOL.

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