Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Okay a day late.  Hope your Halloween was as spook-a-licious as ours was.  As you would expect they had a blast!  Who doesn't love getting free candy?  Fortunately for us the rain held off until today.  I know many had a very wet and rainy beggars night.  We were able to sit out by the fire and enjoy conversation (and maybe a few goodies) while we catered to the trick-or-treaters. A few pictures to share.
E has recently been obsessed with Teen Beach Party.  Which consequently led to the watching of the original Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello original Beach party movie.  Which then opened the box to an entire era of Teen beach movies. E. Loves the oldies.  So naturally she went as a greaser.  Beehive and all.  Let me tell you getting her hair up that high wasn't so difficult.  Getting her hair to stay up that high was a major problem.  

J and his friend had other less defined plans.  Okay they had no plan.  Basically it was what can we throw together in 15 minutes.  So they went as Evil Scientist.  Lab coat? Check.  Safety Goggles? Check.  Work Gloves?  Check.  Albert Einstein wig? Check.  

Hey, they're 8th grade boys.  Things were very unsure right up to the minute they grabbed 2 pillowcases and headed out the door.  All-in-all it was a very successful haul.
Happy Halloween!

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