Ah...Fall.  It is finally upon us.  The days are getting cooler, even down here in the south.  Today we are only going to reach a high of 80 degrees.  Seriously, with out the humidity 80 seems cool( in the shade. )  We have been enjoying the cool nights by keeping the windows wide open.  Even the kids have commented on how wonderfully they are sleeping.

With the cooler temperatures the garden is slowly dying.  I think I pulled off our last green pepper just yesterday.  Emma and Jack have been anxiously awaiting the fall of the leaves.  Nothing says fall like a big pile of crunchy brown, gold and orange leaves.

Jack and I have been busily baking up apple pies.  We have made 2 in the last 2 weeks.  Sadly I think we will have to make another this weekend. ;)  bummer.

With the arrival of fall canning the last of the seasons veggies and fruits seem to be on a lot of people's minds.  Pinterist.com is flurry of Mason Jar ideas and crafts.  This past week I too have been canning.  Although, I have not been canning veggies or fruits.  I have been canning quilting and sewing supplies, of course!

I posted a blog last week surrounding the numerous projects I have floating around my house.  Well we can cross one off the that list!  I finished my mason jar labels and let me tell you they are cute!  Just sayin'.  There was no real pattern involved.  I kinda winged it.  I took fabric for the front (expertly embroidered), batting and another strip of fabric for the back, sandwiched them together stitched around the edge, leaving an opening for turning along the short side.  Turned the sleeve inside out and top-stitched around the outside and installed a closure. YAHOO!  Give it up for  my new mason jar holders.

1.   for Velcro... (please hold your applause until the end.) hehe.

Closed with...
you guessed it Velcro.

2.   for Elastic...

and for the closure... yep. Elastic.
  Here I made small casings and sewed the ends into both sides of the sandwich.

3. for Rickrack..

A little bit of rickrack to spruce it up.  And for the closure.. 
You guessed it Ribbon. (had you for a minute, didn't I?)

(insert loud boisterous applause.)  Thank you. Thank you. You are too kind.  

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