Too Much Holiday?

Over the past few weeks Emma has been a bundle of holiday excitement.  From putting up the Christmas decorations to wrapping present there hasn't been anything she won't tackle.  She has been a huge help with all of the decorating, even if a bit ADD.  Holiday decorating can be stressful for me so I was glad to have the help.  It was also incredibly frustrating.

That brings me to my question.  Is there such a thing as too much holiday spirit?  or am I just being a Scrooge?  

You see, along with the cheery, upbeat, sugar coated holiday excitement there has also been tears, sassy comments and Mornings up at 6:30am (every single day)  This would be fine if it was her norm, however,  Em does not do mornings.  We never say "Good" Morning to her because we have been informed that Mornings are never, ever Good. 

I guess like any other childhood 'stage' this too shall pass.  There may come a day, when she doesn't get excited about Christmas.
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