Knitting again

This past week I have begun to knit again. I took a little break from it to do things like laundry, cook, unpack, and you know the usual mommy things. But this week I have been knitting! I have been sitting down every night with my knitting needles, yarn and a Mojito (the most important of the knitting supplies :) and knitting away. It has been a huge stress reliever. I cannot believe I have set aside so many projects in order to do laundry! What was I thinking. I can honestly say that I haven't completed much (possibly due to the alcohol consumption?) but the rhythmic action of knitting has been a God send. That coupled with the fact that I am not trying to get anything specific finished for Christmas, have been most enjoyable. Then today I stumbled upon a t-shirt that read, "I knit so I don't kill people" and I realized that it is not just me who needs this stress relief. Perhaps a great gift idea for the knitter in your life. Happy Knitting!

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