Lego Quilt

Here it is, and just in time for Christmas.  The finished Lego quilt.

I know the picture is not the best quality, sorry.  Yesterday was a beautifully sunny day with a temperature of 70 degrees.  You'd think I would be able to take a nice picture outside, No!  I never remember until it is dark!  The picture doesn't show it but there are some navy blocks, lime green and some cream blocks hidden in among all of that.The back is this yummy flannel batik, so cuddly.

Here's a look at this cute little label I made up.  

I tried a new quilting pattern out on this quilt.  It is a free-motion circuit board.  I like that it adds an element of "building" to the quilt. I know one little man who is going to be warm and cozy this winter.


mama bear said...

Oh my goodness, I am in love with this quilt! I know a Lego-lover who needs a quilt like this. Is that Lego fabric you used, or did you somehow make a stamp with the logo? Love it!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks! Yes, I did make a stamp for the Lego lego. Here is the site where I got the idea. Good Luck with your quilt. http://www.weewonderfuls.com/2011/03/oscars-lego-quilt.html